KACPZO was founded in 1989 by a small group of planning professionals interested in promoting the educating, training, and networking of individuals involved in county planning and zoning within the State of Kansas. The general goals of the organization are:

 to help encourage the process of county planning and zoning throughout Kansas;

 to help strengthen the relationship between county planners, zoning administrators and other county officials;

 to provide a forum and communications through which members may exchange ideas and experiences related to county planning and zoning, through meetings, publications and correspondence;

 to provide a method of voicing common problems; and

 to provide a means of addressing enabling legislation for County Planning and Zoning.

Typically, KACPZO holds two conferences each year; one in the spring and a business meeting in the fall. A wide range of topics are discussed, including planning fundamentals, writing or interpreting zoning and subdivision regulations, planning law, controversial development requests, legislative updates, etc. Conferences customarily include informative, professional speakers, field trips, opportunities to earn Continuing Education Credits for certain certifications, and tremendous networking opportunities.

Along with the many advantages of establishing valuable professional connections with fellow planners across the State, KACPZO members also enjoy many long-lasting friendships as a result of their memberships.